The Cro-Petti Shop
Crochet Road Blocks are NOT fun…

Hey everyone! I’m hitting a bit of a “bump” in my road to success… I’ve been trying to sell my Cro-Petties to the right market, which I’m beginning to see is VERY hard to find. I’ve tried Etsy, Tumblr, Facebook, Face-to-face interaction, and still come up with no sale.

I have confidence in my product, and I know that there’s a market out there for it’s cousin the Original Pettiskirts made of satin and chiffon. I’m hoping to get to several craft fairs by this time next year, building my inventory and variety in the meantime. 

I’m working on a different waistband style, to change the look a bit. I’m working on regulating the sizes, lengths and prices, so everything is consistent. But also keep the door open to customizing. I’m trying to add hats into the mix, maybe soon some headbands, leg warmers, and wrist warmers.

I’m wondering if my prices are too high, and no one wants to spend that much on a gift in this economy.or if my prices are too low and people think that it’ll just be a poorly made item for the price…

I love what I do and I know there are others out there who feel the same. I’ve thought about getting a hold of some other women who actually sew pettiskirts, and see if they’d be willing to colaborate with me on how to get my idea ball rolling.

Suprisingly, there are many people out there that haven’t even heard of pettiskirts, let alone what they are. I love the idea of having a product that’s different, out of the ordinary, unique, and special. Pettiskirts have been out for quite some time now. They originally started out as Petticoats, if you recall in my Pettiskirts Post. I’ve been trying to jog my brain on how to go about selling my Cro-Petties and do well!

I’m open to suggestions. I know that I haven’t tried EVERYTHING. I hope I didn’t recieve suggestions and not heed to try them. If I have I apologize. 

I understand that it takes money to make money, and unfortunately, as you may have read not long ago, that my husband and I are going through some hard times financially. Thank you to those of you who helped me out by blogging about my shop! I guess maybe… I need some help finding my market… 

My husband says that I need to be targeting and selling to people that are doing well right now in this economy, like doctors, lawyers, dentists, ect. Sadly, those people you can’t just pick off the street just by looking at them. 

Referrals are awesome! If you could refer my shop or items to people for gift ideas, or just because… That may work. I guess I’m just trying to throw out some ideas too… Word of mouth is always the BEST source of advertising. 

I feel kinda lame that I’ve been making a big deal about what I do, and still have yet to make ONE sale. My shop has been open since August I think, and I still haven’t made ONE sale on anything. Forgive me if I sound like I’m complaining. I know times are tough. 

What I think I may do, is have a sale on the older items I have in stock, just to get it moving… then put a discount on custom items… This sale will start ASAP and probably won’t end until all the old Cro-Petties are gone… Either that or I just give them away. They’re more of my first design… 

I really need some help. If anyone has some suggestions? Referrals? Anything. I really want honesty too. Please, be blunt with me. Print off a picture, ask around, how many people you know would purchase a Cro-Petti and the highest price they would pay for something quality! =) I hear people say all the time, that my Cro-Petties are so cute, and beautiful… but still have yet to make a sale.

Plus, if my husband sees that what I love to do can bring in a profit instead of apparently putting us in the negative, he wouldn’t be so against me not working a day job and working on a home based business. I feel like my dream is dying sometime… lol.

Thanks for your help guys! I hope to hear from many of you soon! Have a great night!